FLY & CRUISE to australia and new zealand

Embark on the NEW Majestic Princess and discover Australia and New Zealand in a full cruise with flights, hotels, visits, cruise, transfers and Spanish Assistant Guide.


Full trip of 19 days, departuring from Spain October 7, 2018

Discover endless green hills, virgin jungles and infinite beaches in this full trip. You will enoy 2 nights in a 4* hotel in Sydney and 1 night hotel in Auckland, with visits in both cities and a 14 days cruise sailing on october 10, 2018..

Discover the Opera House in Sydney, Tasman Island and the most beautiful cities of New Zealand while you sail on board the new Majestic Princess.


Discover Australia and New Zealand on board the NEW Majestic Princess, brother of Regal and Royal Princess.

This new ship has all the comforts of its brothers but with new zones that will surprise you. Enjoy its large Atrium, discover your inner rock star in the new karaoke zone or just relax in the Hollywood poll club

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