full trip to japan in august

Get on board the Diamond Princess to know Japan in 14 days, departuring August 1, 2017
A complete cruise with flights, hotel, transfers and optional shore excursions.
Possibility of an extension to Kioto and Osaka

japan and its summer festivals

Full cruise of 14 days, departuring August 1, 2017

Sail through the Nippon Country and enjoy 4 hotel nights in the crowded Tokio, you will visit the Big Buddha of Kamakura and you will see the Lights' Festival in Akita and Aomori's Festival

In addition, you will have the chance of completing even more your full trip with an extension to Kioto and Osaka, departuring July 30, 2017

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beautiful ports

In this cruise, you will see ancient cities with ancient cultures that you will never forget. You will see Akita, with its famous Lights' Festival. When you get to Busan, you can visit one of the most famous fish markets: Jalgachi market; and Nagasaki has the Atomic Bomb Museum, for those interested in history.